I Should be a Vitamix Spokesperson

Seriously, I really think I could make a killing being a spokesperson for Vitamix.

Last year when I made the resolution to try veganism for a year I went all in. When it came to smoothie-ing I did my research and everything point to the Vitamix. So I took my findings and presented them to my sister. A month later we had a Vitamix blender.

A year later, I’m staying with a different sister. Her resolution has been to get in shape or at least more active. Since she also decided to follow the nutrition guide that was provided with the Beachbody DVD, I suggested she upgrade her blender as well.

Who wants chunky bits, and tiny seeds in their smoothie. I know I didn’t so I told her all the benefits a Vitamix has to offer.

  • Smooth consistency
  • Multiple uses – blends hot and cold 5200-standard-modular-package
  • No more seeds!
  • Blends frozen ingredients, crushes ice
  • Blends whole foods/fruits
  • It is made for everyday uses unlike some blenders
  • Great warranty

I’m pretty sure I said something about how its great investment if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change and you’ll find yourself using it more than you thought you would and not just for smoothies.

She bought it! It came in the mail yesterday (unexpectedly) and I put it to work right away. She couldn’t help but notice the difference, she also drank this smoothie a lot faster than she drank smoothies with her other blender. We’re doing a 30-day trial but I’m hoping and making progress that I can convince her that the Vitamix is worth it.

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For Those Who Don’t Know…

I’ve made a book blog filled with reviews, wonderful weekly memes, book challenges and more to come, right here on WordPress.

Featured Weekly Meme toptentuesday

Check out my disappearintoreading.wordpress.com blog, I’d love to have you over and ideas for memes, review request are always welcome!

Disappear Into Reading

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Focus T25 Workout

My sister has it in her head that she wants to be more active this year. Let’s see how it long it lasts shall we?


Google Images Focus T25


Google Images Focus T25

Over the Christmas Break (she’s a teacher) she purchased a Beachbody workout video, nutrition guide and what not. Sean T from Insanity has made a 25 minute workout video where he promises that we’ll lose pounds and look ripped if we workout for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 10 weeks.

Since I’ve been working out steadily for a year now I thought I ‘d join in on this with her to help motivate her and keep her going. Instead she has me cooking her breakfast and lunch and dinner in exchange for the multivitamins that came with videos. I’m pretty sure I got the bad end of this deal, huh, although she is purchasing the food and I don’t go to work so I guess it’s as even as its gonna get.

I must say this is a first. I’ve done workout videos before but I have never used the nutrition guide. With this one we are doing both and maybe we’ll see progress. It’s only day two so I’ll keep you posted!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Last year I made a resolution. I would do I 30-vegan challenge. After the 30 days were up I was to decide if I would continue for the rest of the year or not. That year, was the first Happy New Yeartime I made a conscious New Years Resolution and actually kept it.

I learned a lot about being vegan, about my body and what it needs to function properly and I am just amazed at the changes I’ve seen within myself. I am proud that I found something and stuck to it.

This year my challenge is to get in shape, which I’m glad to say its more of a continuation than a challenge at this point. I want to make a conscious effort to be more communicative with my family, be more observant about how my actions affect others and to basically stop couch hopping and settle down somewhere. I need to get my life in some semblance of order.

This year has been crazy and I’m both dreading and looking forward to this new one.

Any realistic resolutions out there? 😉

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This Year…

This year has been the longest yet. So much has happened and still I feel stuck in limbo. I’ve relocated to a new place and only 7 months to get my life on track if not in order. The worst part is I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know what to do and I don’t have a starting place. Every day is a battle to get up and do something purposeful; and in more than one occasion I find myself failing.

This year has been filled with hard truths and tough acts. I don’t know what to do with the knowledge that I’ve gained about myself, about my family or about my life.

Where do I go from here? How do I move on?

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A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones (comic book)

A Game of Thrones (comic book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somehow I got into A Game of Thrones I borrowed the book from my elder brother. I am reading a physical copy of this book and not the e-version. I must commemorate this moment as it has been too long since I’ve held a book in my hands not my Ipod.

Sadly I used to be one of those people who looked down on an e-reader and was adamant about not joining the e-cult. It’s just so convenient though! Ugh. My goal for 2014 is to read as many as 50 physical books and not the e-version.

Back to the point of this post! A genius idea came to me and I had to consult a friend to make sure I wasn’t book-morally corrupting myself. Since I started reading A Game of Thrones I find that it is an extremely confusing read. There are too many characters and POVs to keep track of, so I decided to watch the show as I read. Only hitch is that now I’m halfway into the 4th episode and behind on the book. But I still think its a genius idea!

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Wine Tasting

This past weekend I went to a wine tasting. For some reason I feel like I’m slacking as a 20-something. I’m stuck out in the boondocks and I feel as if I’m not getting a handle on what I am supposed to be doing as a 20-something.

Well, 20-something or not, I want to be cultured. What better way to start than to learn

Assortment of wine from Domaine Chandon in Yar...

Assortment of wine from Domaine Chandon in Yarra Australia showing their sparkling Chardonnay and Pinot noir wine as well as a still pinot noir. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about wines? So I went wine tasting with my older brother and his wife. First I must say that I like being wine “drunk” (I was tipsy :p ) than any other kind of drunk, it’s so pleasant and you get so sleepy. It’s a better sleep than the sleep of the drunk, which is more like a pass out and you don’t feel like you’ve slept at all. 😀

I lean towards white wines, the red taste too tart and dry for my liking. Its my mission to find one that I enjoy (I wish I hadn’t lost my sheet).

The only wines I remember liking is a Riesling, a Sparklying Santa Margherita Rose, and the Moscato for a sweet tooth like myself. I couldn’t get on board the Chardonnay train though. There was one red wine that I liked, it was a type of Pinot Noir. I really wish I had that paper!

All in all, I think it was a wonderful experience. I learned that the names of the wines are actually the grapes and names as we all know can be a fountain of information. I know I’m only scratching the surface of wine but its a start.

Where was your start? What types of wine do you like?

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